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Avast VPN for Torrent

Looking for best VPN within your budget? Want to know the performance of Avast VPN for torrent?
Avast is popular for providing quality antivirus software. So, when it comes to VPN our mind simply thinks that the virtual private network (VPN) of such companies will also be fine but in very simple words, their VPN service is against general thoughts.

Avast VPN does not fulfill your online privacy requirements hence it is not in the category of recommended VPNs list. Let’s start and discuss it in detail.

But before let’s see what is torrent and Torrent and why you have to use a VPN for torrenting?

So, the torrenting is the name of downloading a file using P2P connection from other computers. The software is used for it called uTorrent.

Your IP address will be visible while downloading a file from BitTorrent. Hence, you are easy prey for hackers and the chances of virus & malware infection are also higher. Instead all of these, your activity can be monitor by ISP (Internet Service Provider). To avoid such problems you have to use a good VPN. Is Avast VPN good and provide strong security? Let’s discuss.

Avast VPN Log Policy

A good VPN never keeps users log and other history browsing-related data. Avast VPN does not say clear words about logs.

On their privacy policy page, they say that we do not keep log files. Just one line about logging and nothing more. On their terms of services page, they say that they keep the user’s data only for diagnosing the problem. But keeping the log files makes users less secure and Avast itself will not be able to compete with other VPNs.

Speed and Performance

According to our speed tests on different servers of several locations, their speed is not super fast but it is still OK. I found their speed reduced by about 17% on the most optimized server.

As the speed is OK. This might be your choice for torrenting but first, read the below reviews also.

Are They Allow Torrenting?

Torrenting and peer to peer connections are allowed by Avast VPN.

Avast says that secureLine VPN allows peer-to-peer connections through data centers located in more than 15 major cities all over the world.

Fast Customers Support

Avast VPN offers three types of support. First one is knowledge base, the other two are the ticket system and call support. You can use any of these methods for the solution of any problem.


I think usability is another feature that many people seek, especially beginner users. Avast VPN desktop and mobile apps are very easy to use. You can connect with any location with a single click.

You can choose preferences like “automatically connect each” when a computer starts. These facilities increase your privacy a bit more.

All Other Features:

  • It has 50+ servers in 34 countries
  • Many reviews say that they have DNS switch kill but in fact, it is not real. We found your IP visible whenever you disconnected
  • P2P support is limited to some servers
  • Military grade encryption which is common now

Last Words

We believe that Avast VPN fails to provide strong security for torrenting. Hence we recommend that Avast VPN for torrent is not a good idea. Try some other VPNs like NordVPN, ExpressVPN or PIA VPN.