Best Apple TV Apps and Games

If you’re taking full advantage of Apple’s hardware and software ecosystem, the Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K are pretty much essential streaming devices. They are flawlessly connected to the App Store, and if you find yourself wanting to AirPlay over Chromecast, they are essentially the only streaming devices on the market that can help you.

PicPick as a Popular Free Graphics Editor and Best Apple TV App

To create ordinary screenshots of the entire monitor screen, a separate window, or a selected area, you do not need to use any programs – all this can be implemented using standard Windows tools. However, the standard toolkit does not have a function to take scrolling screenshots, i.e. scrolling/long/horizontally stretched screenshots. This is usually required to take snapshots of web pages open in the browser, or generally, any scrolling windows open on the computer.

Such screenshots can be created manually, but using programs is done much faster. Let’s consider such applications. PicPick is a popular free graphics editor. Its functionality includes taking screenshots in various modes, including capturing scrolling windows and the information of how to close apps on apple tv. Click on the “Scrolling Window” function in the “Screen Capture” block.

Regardless of the method of launching the function, it remains only to point with the mouse to the desired scrolling window (it must be on top of all other open windows, otherwise it will not be possible to click on it).

Best Games that Can Be Download on Apple TV

A fairly large number of fans of online games (especially multiplayer ones) are experiencing difficulties associated with the high latency of data transfer between the computer and the game server (i.e. high ping in the game). Much depends on the ping – if it is high, the game will not bring any pleasure. Lags are the main enemy of gamers, especially when it comes to games that require high reaction speed (any online shooter).

In many cases, the ping in the game can be reduced by using special programs for this. But let’s be honest – they are not a panacea for all network “diseases” of the computer. But still, trying to use one of these programs will not be superfluous.

Any delays in sending data over the network can be caused either by a problem on the user side (this includes the entire data transfer route from the PC to the game server) or by a problem on the server-side. The list of such problems itself is quite long. Here are some of them:

  • There is a problem or overload on one of the routers between the player’s computer and the game server. In this case, we are not talking about a home router (however, it can also create problems), but about the network equipment of telecommunications companies (starting with the Internet provider) participating in the data transmission chain. If the problem is precisely in the congestion of routers, hubs, etc.
  • Too many intermediate data transmission nodes (including those same routers) between the computer and the game server. There are always delays at each of the nodes, regardless of whether they are overloaded or not. If there are many such intermediate nodes, then the ping in the game, therefore, will be higher. You can determine the number of nodes and the delay time on them using the “IP” command, where instead of “IP” you should substitute the IP address of the game server or hostname/domain name. For example, for the game World of Warcraft.