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Sometimes it feels really silly to be guessing your own password for a while before logging in to a website. Everyday we have lots of websites to access and most of us are guilty of forgetting our passwords. We have finally opted to using a common password to solve the mystery,which is an easier way but not secure. Below are a few tips on how to remember your passwords.

1. Name Variations

This is a common way to most people which makes it not very secure for your information unless you build a strong password. You can pick a random name either yours,a family member or a favorite pet and try variations of the name.Using a name that is not yours is considered clever,so to remember the name pick something or someone that rings a bell in your mind or is special in a way. Create combinations of the name by adding numbers or codes. Pick the best one and memorize it as your password.


2. Birthdays And Home Addresses

Your home address and birthday are special dates in your life you cannot forget and which can be an inspiration for a password. Using the address of your work place location as your password at work will be easily memorable for you. Try combinations with your birthday to create a strong memorable password at home.


3. Browser Option

Nowadays most Internet browsers have an added option of remembering your password. This is the best option because sometimes memory retrieval fails. Create a strong password,but not complicated and activate the browsers option as a way to remember your passwords.


4. Creating A Tip

To remember your password, it is recommended to use a hint to jog your memory. For instance you can use a common first letter or number to your password that will help you remember the rest. An acronym that makes you remember your password is a better option.


5. Use Shortcuts

Create random shortcuts that will trigger you to remember your passwords. Use the name of the website in your password or it’s initials,its an easier way to recall your password easily. It is not advisable to write your password down,try the above tricks to come up with a strong and memorable password.


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