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PIA review

No doubt that Private Internet Access is a famous name in the market right now but is it a good choice for you?
We have decided to cover an honest Private Internet Access review for our readers.

But how this VPN can beat other big names in the market right now?
This Private Internet Access review is going to discuss the things that really matter in your buying decision.

Private Internet Access Overview

The monthly costs of PIA are comparatively lower than the other options in the market. PIA is considered as one is of the most famous Virtual Private Networks out there, yet is it really worth all the publicity it’s getting? Discharged in 2010, PIA has developed clients through verbal marketing and suggestions.

Slicing VPN costs frequently prompt an increasingly essential and underpowered administration, however not here: PIA has a substantial network of expedient servers, a great scope of applications, and there’s tolerable help accessible when you need it.

Fast Download Speed

When it comes to speed, we don’t like waiting for minutes for the file to load. We want everything done in seconds. Many people don’t like to use VPNs as these tools slow down the downloading and uploading speed.

Private Internet Access provides way better speed for download and upload. Although it could not beat Cyberghost review still, the speed was faster than many options.

No Logging Policy of PIA

Most of the VPN providers store your logs like the time of your signup and sign out. They don’t always track these things to leak your data but they do it to improve their services. PIA has a strict no logging policy and it means that they will not track any of your activities and history.

But they can save your less important details like:

  • Email
  • Payment data for future use
  • Cookies in some specific modes

Leak Proof Systems

Private Internet Access VPN is located in America, so if they leak anything, they will be detected by surveillance groups. They don’t compromise your online privacy. Till now, no leaks have been detected in the system of Private Internet Access.

Great and Solid Features

Private Internet Access VPN is worth buying as they are providing some of the top class features like:

  • IP Hiding features
  • Torrenting is supported
  • Kill-switch, although it is not very great
  • Limit of 5 connections
  • 325 servers all over the world
  • Covers the 33 countries

Trusted Name

Private Internet Access is one of the oldest services providers in the market and they have a strong fan base regarding the use of services. Their quality and protection is the main reason behind their fame.

Private Internet Access Cons

There are some negative points too that can bother you while choosing Private Internet Access. Let’s have a look at these points too:

  • They don’t have live support
  • The location is pretty much vulnerable to attacks and surveillance

If you ask for a recommendation, the answer is pretty much mixed up. They have excellent coverage in many areas, but still, some servers might disappoint you. But they have all the major protocols covered in their package. So, the choice is yours.