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Top Blogs That Teach Us About Art

People love art since it’s a great way to express oneself (let’s not mention business here). It inspires us, brings beauty in our lives, and expands our horizons. Many art-connoisseurs used the advantages of modern technologies and started sharing their knowledge of art online. One can come across many art blogs that broaden our minds in art. Some artists even have blogs that give us a glimpse of what’s going on when paintings are being created, sculptured are being made, etc. Let’s talk more about the art blog you have to visit and other great choices. 

Leading art blogs worth exploring

Probably the best combination of art, culture, and events is Juxtapoz. The blog covers different art-related topics and mediums. Everyone is sure to find lots of paintings, photography, sculptures, street art, etc. The sire also features promising artists. If you are an aspiring artist, it’s a must for you. However, it’s also a good source of art news, inspiration, and interesting materials. 

Another source worth exploring is Hi-Fructose. The website is dedicated to art and regularly shares new contemporary artworks. It shows both new and established artists bringing lots of information for beginners and professionals. The blog doesn’t focus on one medium only. It has all sorts of paintings, drawings, sketches, sculptures, etc. The posts tell us more about artists and their contributions as well as where to see them. For instance, the blog featured Agnes Martin. This abstract painter was awarded a National Medal of Arts from the National Endowment for the Arts. Her works were on displays in the Whitney Museum of American Art, Tate Modern, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), etc. 

Finally, The Zine is a great choice of the art blog for people who like the online magazine format. The site introduces users to new artists and artworks. It has interviews with new names in the art world as well as establishes artists from all across the globe. According to the owners, this site was created to celebrate art and its cultural meaning. 

Other blogs worth your attention

  • Canva is a blog for inspiration. It doesn’t only share art with people but helps them express themselves via it. 
  • ARTnews brings the latest art news to the visitors. It has readers from over 124 countries and also has printed quarterly issues. This is a trusted source and the oldest art magazine. 
  • The Jealous Curator is a blog that publishes art that will make you jealous. It dwells on the artists, their work, lives, and success.  
  • Eye Level is a blog by the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Weekly posts bring readers new works of art and artists. 
  • Artsy Shark is a blog aimed to help aspiring artists start their careers. It contains helpful business-related articles and consults artists on promotion. 

Aside from such blogs, many specialized websites share art news and cover art events worldwide. They include Artforum, Frieze, Art in America, etc. Such websites have a calendar of events and experts’ columns to bring art to everyone’s lives. These online magazines cover all kinds of art-related stories and share critical reviews of museums and exhibitions around the world.